What you get

  • Instant Visibility, 24/7 – Track Payroll, Tax, NI & Intermediaries Returns In Real Time
  • Completely Free – With Bolt-On Services Designed To Make Your Work Even Easier
  • Personal Service – We Always Answer The Phone Personally When You Call, And Always Will
  • Payroll Is A Walk In The Park – And Timesheets A Breeze, You Can Even Run Them In Bulk Or Groups
  • Bulletproof Compliance  – We’ll Keep You 100% Compliant With All Legislation, For Free, Forever
  • Approved By Leading Accountants – We’re Pioneering Best Practise & Ethical Conduct


And as your business booms, you can offload the workload on to us:

  • No More Email Overload – We’ll Handle The Time-Suck Day-To-Day Emails & Calls With Workers
  • Super-Simple Onboarding  – Our Elegant App Does All The Heavy Lifting For You
  • Secure Documents – Gain Peace Of Mind With A Secure Library For Your Contractor’s Contracts & Payslips

Would an expert payroll team help you grow your business? Learn more with an informal chat on 0203 818 0824 or email us at recruiter@peoplepayers.co.uk