Getting started with us is easier than doing an online weekly shop – you know from that start what you’re going to get; good pay, no more forms than necessary and a great team to guide you through.

As easy at 1,2,3…

1. Register via the Peoplepayers portal here
2. We sort the details out with your agency
3. You receive your contract to check & electronically sign

Want it done for you?

Just email your name and number to and we’ll take care of it.

No small print – everything is 100% transparent

When you join Peoplepayers you WILL:

  • Be an employee of Peoplepayers Ltd
  • Be paid into your regular bank account
  • Manage timesheets & payments via our super-simple app or portal

You will NEVER:

  • Be without appropriate workplace insurance for your job
  • Need to complete company accounts
  • Have any niggles or doubts that can’t be resolved quickly